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The FreeTV.Info website is a resource dedicated to showing you how to receive free television, legally, by using a TV antenna and through the use of the available free streaming apps. Learn how to select the proper TV antenna for your location and set up a good over-the-air TV system. You can reduce or eliminate your monthly TV bill entirely. By using a TV Antenna along along with the available free streaming apps, you will have access to almost 1000 live TV channels and thousands of on-demand movies & shows for free. This website provides a quick and easy to follow guide on how to select the proper TV Antenna for your area. You can also find tips on how to improve your existing TV Antenna's reception and improve your existing over-the-air TV system. The content, within this website, is contributed by licensed engineers, professional antenna installers, TV reception experts, and the general public. This website is updated hourly and new content is added very often. Be sure to check back often.

There are many false claims and false advertisements that many TV antenna manufacturers make when advertising their TV antennas. The website will educate, inform, and it can properly guide you through the process of installing a free, over-the-air (OTA) TV setup. After using this resource, the beginning cord-cutter will find that the process of installing a free, over-the-air TV setup is rather easy and inexpensive. The website can also help people who already have a over-the-air TV setup. This resource can help you troubleshoot and improve your reception on your existing OTA system. The

How to Receive and Watch Free TV

1. Over-the-Air TV

Often referred as "OTA" or "broadcast TV". Over-the-Air TV has existed, in the United States, since the 1920's. Over-the-air TV is and always has been free. It is still in use today and OTA TV is a popular way of watching TV among millions of Americans. To watch OTA TV, you simply need a TV antenna and a Television. Selecting a TV antenna is critical to receiving and watching OTA TV reliably. Selecting a TV Antenna is a very simple process, however, many cord cutters make many mistakes. As a result, many cord cutters go back to paying for tv because they unknowingly selected the incorrect TV Antenna for their location.

The channels below are live broadcast channels. They can be received and watch, for free, by using a TV antenna.

Free Over-the-Air Live TV Channels
ABC Antenna TV REV'N Bounce FOX Weather Movies!
CBS MeTV Start TV Comet TV Story Televison Court TV
NBC Oxygen True Crime Charge! TBD H&I (Heros and Icons) Catchy Comedy
ION MyTV Network GET TV ACE Buzzr True Crime Network
ION Mystery Scripps News HSN QVC SHOP LC JTV
CW Network The Grio Sports News Highlights SBN Heartland Retro TV
Local Stations Law & Crime NewsNET Quest HSN2 Create

2. Free TV Streaming Apps

These apps are commonly referred to as "Free Advertisement Supported Television" apps. They are also referred to as "FAST" apps. These apps are completely free. Some FAST apps require you to create a login and password before using. Some apps do NOT require this at all. Most FAST apps provide free live channels as well as free on-demand movies and shows. Pluto TV, Tubi, and Freevee are popular FAST apps. For a full list of known fast apps, see the table below.

The apps below offer free TV. Although these apps are free, some apps require you to create a login before using. You can download these apps from the Google Play or the App Store.

Free TV Streaming Apps
Name App Icon Number of Free Live Channels Has Free On-Demand Movies & Shows Has Free Exclusive Content Owned By
Pluto TV Over 300 Yes Unknown Paramount
Roku Channel Over 350 Yes Yes Roku
Tubi About 250 Yes Yes Fox
Freevee Over 200 Yes Yes Amazon
Xumo Play Over 300 Yes Unknown Comcast / NBC Universal
Local Now Over 490 Yes Unknown The Weather Group
Plex About 450 Yes Unknown Plex Inc.
Sling FreeStream Over 430 Yes Unknown Dish Network
Crackle ---- Yes Yes CSSE
* ABC About 40 Yes Yes Disney
** Peacock ---- Yes Yes Comcast / NBC Universal
 * Portions of the ABC apps are free. The ABC app includes a wealth of free content from The National Geographic channel. This includes live channels as well as on-demand content. Within the app, select "Browse" and then select "Nat Geo" for a wealth of free National Geographic content.
 ** Portions of the Peacock apps are free. The Peacock app includes a wealth of free content from the NBC Network as well as various other NBC Universal channels. As you navigate within the app, a peacock if a feather appears in the upper corner of thumbnail images, then a subscription is required to view the content. If there is no peacock feather, then the content is free and can be watched without a subscription. Free content may still require you to create a login username and password prior to watching. 

3. Paid TV Streaming Apps. with a Free Tier

These apps cost money, however, they also have a free tier. They do not require you to pay any money to watch the free content. The free tier is almost always ad supported. Some of these apps refer to the free content as "unlocked" content. Other apps, such as Peacock, place a symbol in the corner of the image thumbnail showing that the show is "locked" and cannot be watch for free. The Peacock app places a small feather in the corner of every thumbnail image indicating that a subscription must be purchased in order to watch. Shows that do not display a feather are free to watch. This means you do not have to pay for and in many cases you do not need a login & password to watch this content. Depending on the app., the free tier includes live TV channels and/or on-demand movies & shows. Some examples of paid apps that have a free tier are Peacock, ABC, Sling, and YouTube TV. The National Geographic channel is a pay channel that is bundled within many cable services. The ABC app. contains a wealth of free content from the National Geographic channel.

NextGen TV - What You Need to Know

Official NextGen TV certification logo.

NextGen TV is a new standard for over-the-air TV. Many individuals are fooled into believe if they purchase a "NextGen TV", a "NextGen TV" compatible device, or a "NextGen" antenna, they will receive free 4K television. While NextGen TV has the capability of delivering 4K TV, there are no TV stations broadcasting 4K at the present time. Don't get fooled into buying something that won't deliver what you are expecting. The page, located at the link below, has everything you need to know regarding "NextGen TV". Read through this entire page and become educated before you buy any "NextGen TV" product:

NextGen TV - What You Need to Know

How to Select a TV Antenna

There is an overwhelming amount of false advertising associated with TV Antennas. As a result, many individuals are unsuccessful at selecting a good quality and reliable TV antenna that will work for them. This is because most individuals simply go to Amazon and search for "HDTV Antenna" or search for "Digital Antenna" and they purchase a cheap antenna that is on the first page of search results. Amazon and other major websites are overwhelmed with overseas made TV Antennas that make false claims. In fact, selecting an good quality and affordable TV antenna, for your area, is a simple process. Be sure to read each of the pages, found at the links below, in sequence.

1. Beware of This When Shopping For a TV Antenna

There is a lot of false advertising claims and a lot of false claims made by many TV antenna manufacturers. Many antenna manufacturers provide a false range capability. Learn how to tell if the advertised range is correct or false on every TV antenna. Be sure to read this page before purchasing a TV antenna: Beware of This When Shopping for a TV Antenna

2. How to Select the Correct TV Antenna for Your Location

Many individuals simply go to Amazon or Google and search for "digital TV antenna" or "HD TV Antenna". There is no such thing as a specific "HD" antenna or a specific "digital antenna". Antenna manufacturers like to use keywords, such as "HD", "digital, and "4K", so as to make people believe they need a special antenna to receive and watch today's digital TV broadcast signals. In fact, TV antennas that were used during the year 1940 cab be used to receive today's digital broadcast signals and watch them in high-definition with no problem. Don't get fooled by the misleading TV Antenna advertising. Read this page and learn how to select the correct TV antenna for your area:

How to Select the Correct TV Antenna for Your Area - Step-by-Step Guide

3. The Most Recommended TV Antennas

There are hundreds, if not thousands of cheap, low-quality offshore made TV antennas. These antennas should be avoided. There are only four TV antenna manufacturers that make high-quality and reliable TV antennas. Each company has been making TV antenna for decades. A few of these companies have been designing and making TV antennas since the 1950's. Read this page and learn who the best TV antenna manufacturers are and learn which TV antenna models you should consider:

The Most Recommended TV Antennas

4. TV Antenna Amplifiers and Preamps - What You Need to Know

Preamplifers or "preamps" can help you receive more TV channels. Like TV antennas, there are a lot of cheap, low-quality offshore preamps on the market. Before purchasing a TV antenna preamp read this page:

TV Antenna Amplifiers and Preamps - What You Need to Know

5. Coax Cable - What You Need to Know

Many individuals believe all coax cable is the same. Using the wrong coax cable can cause poor TV reception and prevent you from receiving channels. If you have an existing over-the-air TV setup, you may wish to replace some or all of your coax cable. Before purchasing new coax cable, read this page:

Coax Cable - What You Need to Know

6. How to Combine Multiple Antennas

It may be necessary to combine multiple TV antennas into one coax cable. There are correct ways and incorrect ways to do this. If done the incorrect way. you will lose channels and weaken your TV signal.

How to Combine Multiple TV Antennas

7. How to Ground an Outdoor TV Antenna

If you plan to install or you already have an outdoor TV antenna, it is essential that it is properly grounded. Visit the following page to learn how to properly

How to Ground an Outdoor TV Antenna

8. TV Antenna Installers

For a list of over-the-air TV antenna installers, visit . The website is a directory of over-the-air TV antenna installers.